What Your Kitchen Says About You

You’ve likely come across plenty of articles or quizzes that claim to be able to tell your personality based on your choices. While all of these are speculative guesses, they can sometimes prove to be very accurate! Planet Stone wanted to jump in on the fun and create this list of what your kitchen says about you. All of these guesses are based on past experiences with customers and their homes. This is just a fun article to see if the trends we’ve seen apply to more people!

You Have a Farmhouse/Country Kitchen

 If you have a country kitchen, odds are that you are a laid back person and you enjoy any moment of free time you have. Country kitchens are often very warm and inviting which reflects your personality perfectly! Country kitchens in more suburban homes show that you like your home to be a place of escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you have a farmhouse kitchen you could also just really love the old-time feel of rustic decor. You probably enjoy neutral or pastel tones, and natural wood is your aesthetic of choice.

There Are Elements of Nature Everywhere

If you have a kitchen that is teeming with natural elements, you’re an avid supporter of going green and you absolutely love any outdoor activity. People who keep a lot of plants in their kitchen have a green thumb and enjoy taking care of things. If herbs are your kitchen plant of choice, you probably love to cook and you’d much rather use fresh-grown ingredients than a package from the store. If you skip the houseplants and instead showcase natural wood tones, you love the idea of camping or hiking through a wooded trail. Stone countertops are frequently included in nature-inspired kitchens as a way to pay homage to the diverse materials the earth has to offer. Nature-lovers are typically mellow unless the topic of conversation switches to one of their passions; in which case they become unapologetically invested in the discussion. 

You Like Sleek and Modern

Is your kitchen the definition of sleek? Maybe the overall color scheme is white and/or black. You could have white quartz countertops or black granite countertops. If you have a sleek kitchen, you also probably have a great sense of fashion and style. You understand at least some of the latest trends, and you like to stay informed when things change. Based on your sleek kitchen, it’s safe to assume that your house is decorated flawlessly. You know how to pull a room together unlike anyone else! Sleek kitchens have contrasting tones or are monochromatic. In a way, so are you! You may have many layers to your personality, or you’re an open book who is never afraid to stick to your guns about what you believe in. Much like your kitchen, people are always impressed by you and they see that you take pride in who you are as a person.

Smart Devices Everywhere

Lastly, if you have a kitchen full of smart devices, you are technologically savvy and you love the idea of the future. Breakthroughs in science, math, or technology fascinate you, and you are always ready to try out the latest and greatest device. People may tease you for trying to be too “hip with the times,” but they’re secretly jealous of your grasp of technology. People with smart devices in their kitchen tend to live busy lives, and they use smart devices to make life a little more organized. Your house is always the house to host parties because you have the best televisions, speakers, and technology in general. You may have the best of the best, but you never act arrogant about it. You love to share your technology with friends and family as much as possible! 

Do you fit into any of these kitchen designs? If so, were our predictions about your personality close? In general, we’ve been extremely happy with all of the clients we’ve worked with. No matter what the kitchen looks like, our customers and team members always get along well. We love being a part of your kitchen remodel, and we make sure that you find the stone countertop to suit your style, kitchen design, and personality. If you’re itching to change up your kitchen, give Planet Stone a call at (818) 860-7142 to talk to our team about your vision. We hope to hear from you soon!

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