Innovative Cabinet Designs

We bet that when you think of kitchen cabinets the first word to come to mind isn’t “innovative.” That’s about to change when you see these kitchen cabinets!


Pull-Out Pantries

This innovative cabinet option is becoming more and more popular. It’s a great way to keep your countertops organized and free of spices, condiments, small utensils, and more! If you’ve never seen a pull-out pantry before, it’s a vertical cabinet that rolls out for easy access to shelves of whatever small kitchen items you want to store away. Many people use pull-out pantries as spice racks or to store things like flour, sugar, coffee, canned goods, etc. Some versions are much larger and can hold small appliances like stand mixers, blenders, crock pots, and more. These cabinet units can be a huge space saver, especially in smaller kitchens or for people who like to keep their countertops clear. 


Appliance Garages

Another awesome form of kitchen cabinets is appliance garages. What on earth is an appliance garage? Well, it’s a cabinet that is meant to conceal appliances from view and prevent them from taking up counter space. Many appliance garages are deep cabinets that fit toaster ovens, toasters, coffee makers, etc. The fronts of the appliance garages can either resemble a normal cabinet door or it can open up from the bottom. You can even get cabinets to conceal your dishwasher and microwave! It’s nice to have a streamlined look with your kitchen cabinets, and appliance garages are a great way to accomplish this look. You’ll also free up space for cooking, baking, homework, or anything else your kitchen counters are used for. 


Corner Drawers

You’ve probably seen corner cabinets or even revolving corner cabinets but have you ever seen corner drawers? Each draw looks like two but operates as one. The drawers are shaped liked arrowheads to give you maximum storage in the oddly-shaped space. These are a relatively new type of cabinet, but they are taking the internet by storm. More and more corner drawer units can be expected in kitchens in years to come because they make the most of the space you have available.


Rolling Cabinets

The final innovative kitchen cabinets we want to discuss are rolling cabinets. These are units that look the same as the standard cabinets in your kitchen, but they can be rolled away. Why one earth would you need this? They’re perfect for giving yourself more counter space to work with. If you want more space for meal prepping, cutting vegetables, holding desserts, etc., rolling cabinets are great. Many of them come with either shelves or drawers, so they can be a whole unit as itself! Fill the drawers with cups, a bottle opener, some glasses, napkins, etc. and you have yourself a rolling bar cart! The options are endless for rolling cabinets and we love everything about them. Don’t worry about your countertop! Rolling cabinets have their own finished top and usually slide neatly under your full countertop slab. 


Did any of these innovative kitchen cabinets pique your interest? We think they’re all great options for smaller kitchens where counter space is valuable. Since these cabinets are all becoming so popular, it’s easier than ever to find them in stores. They’ll all look fantastic with gorgeous stone countertops! If you’re thinking about adding any of these awesome cabinet upgrades, call Planet Stone at (818) 860-7142 and we’ll set you up with the stone countertop to match!

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