Describing the Types of Grains in Granite

Granite is one of the most popular stones used in home design. Between its gorgeous colors and interesting patterns, it’s easy to see why. In this article, we will be going over the difference between coarse grain and fine grain granite

It’s good to know that granite is an igneous rock. In fact, granite is considered to be the most well-known igneous rock because of its popularity throughout history. Granite is also the most common igneous rock, so it makes sense that humans started to turn the beautiful stone into beautiful countertops, statues, buildings, and more. Igneous rocks crystallize below the earth’s surface. Because the cooling process takes so long, the crystals that form can be quite large. For granite, several different minerals come together to form one big mass, and what minerals those determine the color and grain of the finished product. 

Coarse Grain

Coarse grain granite is exactly what it sounds like. The crystals that formed in these slabs are large and prominent and are easy to see even from a distance. Any darker minerals are easier to see in the final product, but coarse grain applies to light crystals too, even if they are harder to see. Coarse grain granite has more pattern to it than fine grain does because the large crystals can create shapes or can be stretched along the final mass to resemble lines or rivers. The exact pattern of grains is always different, and it can be altered by the location where the rock was formed, including the depth below the earth’s surface. 

Fine Grain

As you can likely guess, fine grain granite refers to the granite that is more speckled than it is patterned. The crystals are much smaller and more evenly distributed in the rock. This means that the finished product is not as patterned as coarse grain. This type of granite has a softer look to it that many people enjoy. There are few areas of the same color, which some homeowners prefer when installing a granite countertop. Like with coarse grain, fine grain granite looks different depending on where, and how deep, the rock is formed. 

At the end of the day, the grains in your granite countertop don’t make any difference in how it performs. Granite is separated by grain solely for the purpose of aesthetics. You can choose the style you like the most. Granite can come with some very unique patterns, so take a good look around when you’re in the market for a new granite countertop. At Planet Stone, we offer granite with coarse grain or fine grain, in multiple colors, and with multiple different styles of grains. You can explore our offerings on our website to see examples of how your selection will likely look: Please keep in mind that no two slabs look the same, so the images you see are similar, but not exactly what you will receive. Call us today at (818) 860-7142 to get the granite countertop of your dream.

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