Creative Ways to Upcycle Kitchen Items

You would be shocked at how easy it is to reuse and upcycle kitchen items you have lying around. There is no need to toss out old kitchen items and utensils when you can find plenty of creative ways to re-purpose them! Check out a few of our favorites!


  1. Old Silverware


Have some old silverware taking up precious drawer space? It’s so easy to turn those old utensils into chic wall hooks. With tools you likely have around the house, you can turn boring silverware into rustic hooks to hold bags, towels, or mugs. All you’ll need for this upcycle is some old utensils, a hammer, some needle nose pliers, some nails or screws, and a place to hang your hooks. A clamp/vice is helpful for curling the handle to make the actual hook itself. You can make more intricate designs with forks because of the prongs that can be bent into unique shapes, but the simplicity of spoons is just as gorgeous. Find detailed instructions here:


  1. Broken Mugs


 Did you accidentally drop your favorite mug and break off the handle or chip it? There’s no need to throw it away. Broken mugs may not hold liquid but they’re perfect for planting herbs and succulents! Cute mugs look even cuter with a little succulent and sitting on the windowsill. Make the best out of a bad situation! You don’t even need to worry about drainage. Add some rocks to the bottom of the mug, add soil on top, and plant your favorite herb/cactus. The stones prevent the roots from sitting in water and rotting. Just be careful you don’t overwater your new friends. Read more here:


  1. Muffin Tins

Rusty old muffin tins make great drawer organizers! This is the easiest upcycle ever. It actually requires no alteration to the muffin tin at all. Even though the tin is no longer usable for baking, you can put it to work by placing it in a drawer. Keep small items organized and separated by using the holes in the muffin tin! Need some ideas on what to store? Organize push pins, paperclips, erasers, nails, screws, buttons, and more easily. If your drawer is big enough, you can use multiple muffin tins for even more storage space. 


Looking for more upcycle ideas? This site has 50 ideas to inspire you. Some are more challenging than others but they all look great! Finish off your kitchen with some gorgeous natural stone countertops from Planet Stone. Call today at (818) 860-7142. 


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