What Type of Bar Stool is Right for Your Kitchen Island?

Do you have a kitchen island in your home, or are looking at adding one? Finding the right seating can be challenging. You want to match the countertop as well as the kitchen as a whole. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to make finding the perfect bar stools for your kitchen island. 

Metal Stools

Metal bar stools are really on the rise at the moment. They can complement any kitchen island well, though they do look particularly classy in a modern or industrial home. The nice thing about metal bar stools is that they come in many different color options. They are also very easy to clean, sturdy, and last a long time. Many metal bar stools do not have a back on them, so make sure you’re okay with working on your posture while you eat breakfast. There are, of course, options with backs, but the widely-available trend are those without. Make sure you measure the height of your kitchen island prior to purchasing, as some metal stools are shorter than other seating options. Metal bar stools are great for creating a sleek design in your kitchen and adding some industrial flair. 

Wooden Stools

A true classic, wooden stools are timeless for kitchen island seating. Like metal bar stools, wooden options can be found with or without a back. Wooden stools can be stained in a variety of colors or painted to match the interior of the room. You can combine the look of metal and wood with many stool options. This is a great way to get the industrial look or simply add some modern design. For some added comfort, you can get wooden bar stools with padded seats or backs. These are typically vinyl or leather and can be easily wiped down. It isn’t super important, but keep in mind that many wooden stools also swivel. How much fun is that?

Modern Stools

Modern bar stools can be made out of just about any material. What makes them modern is the design. Low profile seats, shiny chrome legs, super plush padding, and more all qualify as modern bar stools. These stools can also feature plastic seats in vibrant colors. Generally speaking, modern bar stools have four thin metal legs or one solid metal pole. Think of hairdresser chairs. That type of leg is commonly found in modern stool designs. Since many modern kitchens are neutral colors, many modern stools are as well. That’s not to say you can’t get them in bright colors, it just may be more challenging to find. Any kitchen island will look fabulous with this type of stool. Just keep in mind that your whole kitchen should be modern, or these stools and your kitchen island could seem out of place. 


Upholstered Stools

Lastly, we would like to discuss the upholstered bar stools. These stools have padded seats or backs covered with cloth. These are fun options if you love patterns and colors. You can easily add these stools to your kitchen island to add a pop of color to the room. You can even get custom upholstery to match curtains, rugs, or tapestries. We love all of the examples of upholstered bar stools we’ve seen over the years. You can coordinate the color to match your kitchen island. Bright colors look great with very light or very dark countertops. Neutral colors can look great with more textured countertops, or those that are brown, grey, or tan. You can find all styles of upholstered stools to meet your expectations. 

We hope this list has given you some options for your search for the perfect bar stool. Any kitchen island can make a fabulous casual dining area, and adding a few stools is a great way to do it. Let your creativity fly and choose the stool that speaks to you. Now that you know what stool you want, do you need a new countertop? At Planet Stone, our team of experts loves to help create the kitchen of your dream. We have a huge selection of stone countertops to choose from, and we offer the best prices in the area. Call us today to get started at (818) 860-7142. 

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