What to Know Before Choosing a Countertop

Options for new countertops might seem endless and a little overwhelming at first, but they don’t have to be. The first thing you want to do before deciding on what countertop to go with is to think of what you want your kitchen to look like. Whether this means sketching out some ideas or even making a Pinterest board with plenty of pins of kitchens, make sure to look for a theme. What are you going for in your kitchen? Start there and then find the countertop that matches.


Here at Planet Stone, we think that quartz is king. It is a mixture of crushed quartz rock as well as resin and as one of the hardest surfaces available – it is extremely scratch resistant. In addition, Quartz comes with a guarantee, something that no other counter material comes with.


Granite tends to be the most popular choice for a countertop since no two slabs are alike. This is probably the most mentioned counter when it comes to all of those HGTV shows. You always hear prospective buyers talk about how much they would love Granite countertops. The strange thing about this selection is that Granite is actually a little less durable than quartz. And while Granite is easy to clean, it does need sealing occasionally. Quartz does not.


Often thought of as the king of countertop, this is only in look. The countertop is reliable but it stains extremely easily. Acidic substances, like lemon juice, can leave dull scars even if the juice is just spilled onto the counter. Marble may be a way to show off your kitchen but for its actual usefulness, it’s not recommended.


Another countertop choice is laminate which is a cheaper option than the above options. It does not need sealing but can be damaged by excessive cold or heat, something that will probably be seen in the kitchen.

So, which is it? Think about the above options and see how they’ll look with our virtual kitchen remodeler. And, as always, give us a call at 818-890-0810 for your FREE estimate.

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