Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Counters Clear

Your kitchen counters are prime real estate in the room. It’s where you prep for your cooking, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Where you place your cookbooks, utensils, and so much more. Everything can pile up and take up space, but we have some ways to keep your kitchen counters clear! 


Cabinets are your friend! 


Your kitchen cabinets are there for a reason, it’s for storage of more than just food and plates, bowls, etc., you can also place jars of cereal or even all of your spices, whatever you think would be best to hide away in those hidden spots away from the counters. 


Even if you have smaller than normal cabinets, there are other ways to store the extras in there! Simple Houseware has this nifty product, a Wall Door Mount Kitchen Wrap Organizer where you can mount this organizer rack on the inside of the cabinet door to add more space and room!


Keep Appliances & Dishes Away!


Your toaster, blender, and other small appliances can go right in the cabinets, or under the counters! You don’t have to have them out if they aren’t being used. This is just a simple way to remove the major clutter that may be taking up your countertop space. A clear counter means a clear mind. 


And don’t forget, when you’ve finished using those dishes, it may be easier to just leave them on the counter and forget about them for another time, but if you wash them right away, it’s already done and you no longer have to worry about it, and it’s cleared away from the counters! Who doesn’t love that?


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