Useful Kitchen Gadgets You May Not Have Considered

Kitchen gadgets come in many shapes and sizes. As you would imagine, they also come in many price ranges. A useful gadget doesn’t need to break the bank or empty your wallet. We’ve made this list of five extremely useful kitchen items that people swear by. They’ll save you time, money, and hassle! With these gadgets, you’ll prevent a lot of mess that could ruin your walls and kitchen countertops. Here at Planet Stone, maintaining your stone countertop is sacred. We’ve seen these gadgets in action and they will protect the integrity of your granite countertop for years to come. Let’s take a look!

Fruit Corers/Slicers

Our first item is small but mighty. If you regularly enjoy apples or pineapples in your home, these are a must-have. With these tools, you can slice apples and remove the core in one step, saving you a ton of time and effort. They’re perfect for people who like to take apples to work or school and don’t want to worry about disposing of the core. If you have young children, it’s certainly necessary! Pineapple slicers will get all of the meat out and leave the core and the skin behind. If you’ve ever cut up a pineapple then you know it is a lot of work. The skin is tough and the shape doesn’t make cutting any easier. Someone was sick of dealing with it, so they created the pineapple slicer to help out fellow fruit lovers.  

An Immersion Blender

Next on our list is an immersion blender. These handheld blenders are perfect for so many things! You can use them when making soups and stews to chop up large pieces of ingredients, create incredible at-home lattes, and make smoothies and milkshakes like a pro. Immersion blenders are powerful but lightweight (unlike most normal blenders and food processors). They are also much easier to clean than their bulkier rivals and they can be stored in a drawer out of sight. We love the idea of showing off more of that gorgeous stone countertop! Save yourself time and space with an immersion blender and you’ll never go back!

An Electric Kettle

Want to save even more space? Get yourself an electric kettle! You won’t have to store a kettle on your stovetop, and they’re small enough to fit in a large drawer or cabinet. They also heat up water far faster than a regular kettle and only require an outlet. You can make water for tea in any room of your house when you transition to an electric kettle. If you want to boil water but your stovetop is being used to cook dinner, it’s not a problem. An electric kettle can also be brought with you when you travel so you can have boiled water in a camper, van, or hotel (if they’re allowed of course). 

A Cutlery Brush

The last two gadgets have been electric, so let’s take a step back. Believe us when we say that people swear by this kitchen tool. According to them, you absolutely need a cutlery brush. We certainly see the appeal. It can be very dangerous to throw knives in your sink to wash by hand. Sticking your hand into the water-filled with sharp knives is not a great idea. Cleaning those knives with a thin dishcloth or sponge isn’t either. Luckily, someone created a cutlery brush! It makes keeping your kitchen knives clean so much safer. All you have to do is slide the blade between the bristles and scrub! Your hand is kept safe by the plastic of the brush and the long bristles will clean the flat sides of the blade as well at the sharp edge. Your knives will be cleaner than ever and your hands will be cut-free. 

A Mini Blender

Last but not least, let’s talk about mini blenders. Some brands you may know of include the Magic Bullet, the NutriBullet, and the Ninja. These blenders are perfect for making smoothies for one or two people. They take up significantly less space than a traditional blender, and you can drink right out of the blender cup! The blades come off for easy cleaning and most of the components are dishwasher safe. You can get additional cups and blades so that you don’t need to clean them between every use. If you need to save precious counter space, mini blenders are usually small enough to store away in a cabinet or drawer. If you live alone or if you’re the only one to drink smoothies, a mini blender is exactly what you need!

Do you already have any of these gadgets in your kitchen? If not, we highly recommend that you invest in at least one or two of them. They’ll make your life way easier and save you the time you didn’t realize you were wasting. You’ll also save space so you can show off more of your gorgeous stone countertops! If you’re in the midst of a remodel, Planet Stone can help bring your kitchen to the next level with gorgeous custom or prefab countertops. Give us a call at (818) 860 – 7142 to get started!

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