Unique Places to Incorporate stone

When you picture stone in a home you probably think of countertops. However, there are other ways to utilize stone throughout your house. Here’s a short list of ideas.


  1. Showers: stone is a very popular material for showers and shower curbs. Some stones are better suited for showers than others, so make sure you do your research before you buy. Also, keep in mind that stone will need to be sealed somewhat regularly and that any grout between stones or tiles may be difficult to keep clean. Overall, stone showers can increase the value and aesthetic of your home. 



  1. Tables: stone can be used to create some gorgeous accent tables perfect to showcase in your living room, office, or master bedroom. No matter the shape, tables topped with stone are unique, beautiful, and conversation starters.



  1. Accent Walls: What do most mansions have in common? stone. Everywhere. While you may not be able to afford a house made of marble, you can certainly incorporate some into the home you have. Accent walls made of stone add class to a room and create a beautiful focal point. 


  1. Fireplace: If you’re looking to revamp your living space, consider using stone on your fireplace. Stone is extremely heat resistant and easy to clean, making it ideal fireplace material. The bonus? The result will be a new high-end fireplace sure to up the wow factor of your home. 


Now that you know where you can use stone in your home, contact Planet Stone to get started on your own design. Request an estimate on our site www.plant-stone.com, or call us at (818) 860-7142.

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