Tips for a Family-Friendly Kitchen

Whether your family is two people or ten people, your kitchen surely gets a lot of action. If you’re planning a remodel, it’s important to ensure that the updates you opt for will make your kitchen as family-friendly & functional as possible. Check out our tips below for how to improve the practicality as well as the beauty of your home’s kitchen.

  1. Choose an open floor plan.

An open floor plan is both aesthetically pleasing and a smart move when you’re trying to fit a lot of people into a smaller space. Whoever is preparing the meal will still be part of the action in the living space, without having to try to crowd everyone into the kitchen. Keep things feeling spacious yet still connected!


  1. Install an island with bar stools.

With an open floor plan, an island can play the role of a divider between the kitchen and the living space. It also contributes additional counter space, and can add extra seating if you decide to include bar stools as well! Especially for quick meals with kids, like a weekday breakfast before school, a bar area is ideal. You definitely want to include this in your remodeled kitchen!


  1. Opt for countertops you don’t have to worry about.

With all the activity that your kitchen gets, the last thing you want is to have to worry about your countertops. Natural stone is a perfect countertop material because it is almost entirely scratch-proof, stain-proof, and heat-proof. So bring on the every day wear & tear – your countertops will stay gorgeous if you opt for natural stone.


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