The Waterfall Countertop

If you absolutely love the look of stone countertops, you should definitely know about waterfall counters. Where most countertops stop at the edge, the waterfall counter has stone that travels over one or both sides all the way to the floor. While this extra slab doesn’t technically serve any purpose, it does look gorgeous, and you get to show off your stone even more. 

You can choose to extend one or both sides of your countertop. The waterfall effect is typically used on a kitchen island and closes off the space beneath it to hide trash cans and the legs of chairs or stools. If the island is not attached, you can choose to waterfall both sides or just one. Obviously, if you have an “L” or “U” shaped kitchen you will only have one free side to waterfall. 

What are the benefits of a waterfall countertop? While you cannot utilize the extra counter space, there is no question that waterfall countertops are absolutely stunning. Something about the look of these counters adds so much sleekness to a space. The lavishness of the extra stone gives your kitchen an air of prestige that normal countertops just can’t provide. If you truly want to take your kitchen to the next level of modern, this counter may be perfect for you!

At Planet Stone we have a wide selection of gorgeous stones sure to make your waterfall counter as picturesque as possible. We offer granite, quartz, marble, and more! Find your perfect stone and get the kitchen of your dreams. Give us a call today to discuss your project: (818) 860-7142. 

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