The Many Benefits of Silestone Quartz

A few weeks ago, we published an article about Caesarstone quartz and it’s different benefits. This week, we have decided to highlight another manufacturer we offer, Silestone! Silestone combines quartz with other natural materials to ensure the highest durability for your home. They are more scratch, stain and bacteria resistant than other brands. Visually, silestone quartz looks like marble or granite but shines brighter due to the materials used in the manufacturing of the materials. Keep reading to find out more about Silestone quartz!  

#1 Variety of Colors and Styles

Silestone quartz is not just limited to the ‘normal’ neutral colors like black or brown, but it also available in one of a kind hues like blue-green or orange. Use our virtual kitchen designer to visualize what Silestone quartz would look like in your home. There are also different styles that the individual prefab quartz countertops come in: plain, veined, fine grain, coarse grain, and todo. You are also able to pick between three different finishes: polished, suede, volcano, to make sure that your new prefab countertops are the perfect fit for your home.  Visit Silestone’s website to see illustrations of what the different styles and finishes would look like.

#2 Not Just limited to the kitchen

Silestone quartz countertops are perfect not just for the kitchen, but also for the bathroom. However, if you wish to put the Silestone quartz in another part of your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Planet Stone, we offer many services including flooring, fireplaces, table tops and exterior work.

#3 Improved Technology

Another reason why Silestone quartz is the perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom remodel due to Silestone’s advanced technology.  The N-BOOST enhances shine, intensifies color and prevents staining and repels liquids which is a huge bonus for the bathroom.

#4 High-Quality Quartz

Quartz is nonporous, so there is no fear of staining the countertops. Silestone quartz is super strong and scratch resistant so it will be able to keep up with your daily lifestyle. Silestone quartz also has microbe killing agents directly in the surface. Not only will your kitchen be beautiful, modern and functional, but also cleaner than ever! Just make sure you don’t place any hot pots or pans directly on the countertops since the resin coating is not heat resistant.

Would you like to install Silestone quartz prefab countertops inß your home? Visit our website today for a free quote!

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