The Inside Scoop on Kitchen Sinks

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, including adding some gorgeous custom stone countertops, you’ll likely have to decide on what kind of sink you want. This might seem straightforward at first – just get one that looks nice! But there are actually many different types of sinks and it’s important to understand the differences between these types in order to choose the best option for your kitchen and lifestyle. Check out the information below before deciding on the perfect sink for your kitchen!


  1. Farm Sink

A farm sink is a simple, deep shape that extends out a bit from the edge of your counter. It is usually made of fireclay and is often bright white. Farm sinks are extremely durable and also very easy to clean. They are also typically large and open, making them very practical for a household that is constantly using lots of dishes. Functionality aside, farm sinks are also very trendy at the moment!

  1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is always a good option because of its stain resistant quality! It is also substantially less expensive than alternative materials. In addition, because stainless steel is a lighter material, you’re able to have a larger and deeper bowl if you’re looking for some extra space. Stainless steel is easy to care for and will last a very long time. Not to mention, it has a really sleek and modern look to it – particularly when paired with some beautiful natural stone countertops.

  1. Double Basin

A double basin sink is divided into two bowls. This not only allows for additional space but is also helpful in keeping dishes organized during all stages of the cleaning process. For some, the double basin is extremely practical, while for others the divider can get in the way. Think about whether you’d prefer compartmentalized or open space in your own sink.

Whatever type of sink you decide on, you want to be sure it is functional for you and your family – and also highlights the beauty of your countertops. If you’re interested in new custom natural stone countertops, get in touch with us today: (818) 860-7142.


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