The Greatest Bar Top Materials for Outdoor Bars

Discovering the correct bar top for an outdoor bar can be puzzling. Individual taste, upkeep and price are three features that must be well-thought-out to guarantee the accurate investment is made. The finest materials for outdoor use are those that are naturally designed to endure the wear and tear of weather elements.


Granite is a natural stone that can be found in a range of patterns and colors to fit a wide range of designs. Granite is one of the toughest natural stone materials existing. It is less disposed to cracking and chipping than marble. Some color choices are greens, pale pinks, plums, reds and exotic blues. The patterns are naturally pebbled or flecked in appearance, depending on the crystal, quartz and mineral mixture. Preferably, keep the granite bar under a tree or any shaded area. Interaction with direct sunlight over time can disturb the polyester epoxy resin the granite is coated with, giving the material a somewhat yellow color and an antique look, which you may or may not enjoy.


Wood is a standard material used on bar tops. Teak and cedar wood are naturally unaffected by weather damage and pests. Wood is rock-hard and hefty and creates a rustic natural feel that complements outdoor decor. Wood will naturally alter in appearance over time; the color will alter slightly and any natural stains, marks, or blotches will come to the surface. Help extend the lifespan of a wood bar top by placing it under some shade and applying outdoor resistant wood stain.


Aluminum is a rust-free and extremely sturdy material for outdoor use as a bar top. Aluminum rapidly creates a small and slim top layer of oxide, shielding the surface from corrosion and disintegration. Aluminum is also lightweight, making it stress-free to reposition or move into storage over the winter seasons.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a hard-wearing material used on many outdoor bars and other surfaces. The material harmonizes with other outdoor furniture and is stress-free to clean. It does not absorb oxygen, so it will not rust. It can display wear over time, but if you cleanse it frequently and keep it covered between uses, it will remain in decent condition for a long time. Stainless steel can become warm if visible to extreme sunlight for several hours, but you can avoid that with shade or bar covers.

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