Taking Care of Natural Stone

Whether you have decided on prefab or custom countertops, natural stone is definitely the most durable material you can choose for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. However, many homeowners are worried about installing natural stone countertops due to misconceptions about strenuous upkeep routines.

While more porous stones like marble require resealing a few times a year, general upkeep is simple! Here are the most important natural stone care tips:

#1 Ask the Important Questions

Before you can start taking care of your natural stone, you need to learn more about its characteristics! Is it porous? What kind of finish was used? Does the slab lay evenly on the countertop surface?

These types of questions are vital to determine what kind of cleaning materials your stone can withstand and how often the surface needs to be resealed. When in doubt, just ask a professional!

#2 Be Gentle

No matter what kind of natural stone you have, stay away from very acidic or chemical cleaners. Also, don’t use any kind of abrasive cleaning tools as they may scratch the surface of your stone and make it more susceptible to stains.

#3 Get Into a Daily Cleaning Routine

To ensure your natural stone remains clean and in top condition, wipe down your countertops every day with a gentle cleanser. Cleaning every day will also hinder build up that limits the effectiveness of a sealant.

#4 Keep It Dry

If any liquid touches the natural stone’s surface, or you have just cleaned the countertop, make sure to dry it with a soft cloth directly afterward. Otherwise, spots may start appearing on the surface.

#5 Protect the Surface

Try and protect your countertops as much as you can. This means using coasters in the kitchen and blotting up any spills that may occur – wiping it away can spread the liquid and create an even larger stain. Also, avoid placing hot items directly on the countertop.

Whether you already have natural stone countertops in your home and just have a few questions or you’re looking to install countertops in the near future, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! Planet Stone is your local LA expert in all things natural stone. Give us a call today at 818-890-0810.


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