Should You Add an Island to Your Kitchen?

Most homes are being built with large kitchens equipped with gorgeous kitchen islands. If your house is smaller or older, you may not be so lucky. However, you can install an island relatively easily so long as it makes sense with what you have. So, are you a good candidate for a kitchen island? Let’s find out!

Is Your Kitchen Large?

If you have a tiny kitchen, to begin with, adding a kitchen island may not be a wise decision. Islands take up quite a bit of space, so you need to be sure you won’t make the space too cramped by adding one. If your kitchen is large and in charge, then you may benefit from the extra counter space and seating that an island provides. 

Is the Layout Conducive To a Kitchen Island?

Sometimes, even if your kitchen is large, an island will not be a good addition. As we said, islands take up space. Certain kitchen layouts are more appropriate for islands than others. For example, if your kitchen resembles an alleyway with counters on both walls, adding a center island could make the space too cramped. If your kitchen is more square-shaped, you have more wiggle room for adding a kitchen island in the center or creating an “L” by connecting it to your existing countertops. 

What Type of Kitchen Island are You Interested In?

Not all islands are created equal, so you should decide what type of island you want. You can get the classic kitchen island that has seating on one side and acts as a countertop on the other, or you can choose to install a double-wide that is more of a square than a rectangle. Square islands will take up more floor space, but they also give you even more countertop. You can choose to install an island with a sink or an oven embedded, or you can opt for cabinetry if you need more storage space. Always take a look at your options, see what you like, and then decide if it will work in your kitchen

These are a few basic questions to ask yourself when deciding if you want to add a kitchen island in your home. In addition to these, you should also look at cost, plumbing, and aesthetics. If you decide an island is for you, contact Planet Stone today for a free quote on our stunning stone countertop options. We offer prefab and custom granite, quartz, marble, and more to make your kitchen island the center of attention. Call us today at (818) 860-7142.

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