Say “I Love You” With These DIY Valentines Treats

 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts usually mean more than anything store-bought. With these DIY treats, you can express your love and give them a great snack. Here are some of our favorites!

Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

This tried-and-true favorite for all ages is perfect for a DIY Valentine’s Day treat! It requires minimal work and your kitchen countertops shouldn’t get too messy. All you’ll need are some pretzel rods, chocolate candy melts in your chosen color, sprinkles/decorations, and cute bags and ribbons. You can really use any candy melts you’d like, but for a classic Valentine’s Day look, we suggest white, pink, or red. If you use white chocolate, you can decorate with red and pink sprinkles for a more toned-down look. Pink is also adorable and can be paired with white and red decorations. Be careful using red candy melts. While they are perfect for a DIY Valentine’s Day treat, they can stain your mouth because of the added dye. We’d suggest keeping the red to the decorations rather than the base color, but as always, the choice is 100% yours. Find instructions here:

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies


Red velvet anything is perfect for Valentine’s day. These whoopie pies are delicious and very festive. There are plenty of recipes only for these tasty treats, and all are quite simple. If you aren’t familiar with whoopie pies, they’re essentially a homemade and softer version of an Oreo. A healthy layer of frosting is sandwiched between two soft cake-like cookies. For red velvet whoopie pies, most recipes will suggest a smooth cream cheese frosting, but other flavors can be used as well. Because red velvet has such a unique flavor, try not to use a strong frosting or the end result could taste a bit odd. Vanilla frosting is a great substitute if cream cheese isn’t for you. Once your whoopie pis are assembled, you can add some Valentine’s Day sprinkles to the frosting for an added touch of fun! Find one example of a recipe here:  

Heart Cake Pops

Cake pops are a trend that has stuck around and we aren’t complaining! A fair warning, however, making cake pops can be messy the first few times. Be prepared for a kitchen countertop that’s full of cake crumbs, frosting, and melted chocolate. But fear not! The end product is sooooo worth it. If you’re a true beginner to cake pops, you might want to practice ahead of time. Creating the heart shape can be a bit difficult, but this DIY Valentine’s Treat is something special! Basically, you will bake a cake, crumble it up, mix in some frosting to get a moldable dough, shape it, and cover it with chocolate. Based on our warning, you can assume that it isn’t that simple, but it’s one of those things that takes practice. Once you get the hang of it your heart cake pops will be the start of every event. Don’t get discouraged and keep on trying. If all else fails, make normal round cake pops and coat them in Valentine’s Day appropriate colors and decorations! Here’s a simple recipe we love:

We hope you enjoy making these confections for your Valentine. If our warnings of messy countertops scare you, maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Our premium stone countertops are stain and scratch-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about dyes, spills, or other casualties. Contact Planet Stone today to get a free estimate on your durable and easy-to-clean kitchen countertop: 818-860-7142. 

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