Prefab Vs. Custom Stone Countertops

When it comes to stone countertops, it isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are a lot of choices to be made from stone type to color to size to edge detail. You may find yourself coming across terms you are unfamiliar with. If “prefab” is one of those terms, look no further. Let’s take a look at the difference between a prefabricated countertop and a custom stone countertop. 


Prefabricated stone, often referred to as prefab stone, is one option when it comes to purchasing stone countertops. It is often a more popular option because it is typically cheaper than custom stone slabs. To get a prefab countertop, your new counter must be of standard dimensions. Prefabricated tops come in a variety of sizes, but only those that are most common in homes. 

The reason prefab countertops are usually so much cheaper is mass production. While these countertops are not mass-produced in the same sense as other goods, they can be produced in a factory on the same equipment, in larger batches. Because of economies of scale, the more items that are produced, the lower the cost of production per item. When the manufacturer pays less to make the countertops, the consumer can pay less to purchase the countertop. If you are interested in purchasing prefabricated countertops from Planet Stone, they are all 98 in. x 25 in. with a 6 in. backsplash. Keep in mind that not all companies use a standard prefabricated size so be sure to do your research before you purchase. 


 Custom Stone

Custom stone is what it sounds like – custom. With slabs of stone, you can design your counters however you want, and the stone is cut to the appropriate dimensions later. Custom stone is required for oddly shaped counters, extra wide or long counters, and waterfall counters. For some examples of what would require a custom countertop, take a look at the large and unique counters and islands on this list:

The nice thing about custom stone counters is the flexibility it allows for interior design. If you have an oddly shaped kitchen or are looking to save space in a creative way, custom countertops can be cut however you need. 

The downside of custom countertops is the bigger price tag compared to prefab slabs. As with any custom-made item, they are typically one of a kind and are made specifically for your project. Without the ability to mass produce, manufacturers pay for for your customer countertop, and that higher cost trickles down to you, the consumer. That being said, the results of custom counters are absolutely stunning. Without limitations, you can transform your kitchen exactly how you want to without having to worry about what size or shape your counters are. The end results make the extra cost well worth it. 

Whether you are looking for prefab or custom countertops, Planet Stone can help! We offer both types of stone countertops in a variety of colors and stone types. With our custom option, we offer varied thickness as well as customizable edging and backsplashes. Our goal is to help you get the countertops of your dreams. Our team of professionals is waiting to hear about your next project. Give us a call at (818) 860-7142. 


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