Prefab vs. Custom Countertops

Our team is often asked about the difference between custom and prefab, or prefabricated, countertops as well as what the better choice is. Basically, custom countertops are slabs of natural stone trimmed down specifically for your kitchen. Prefab countertops come in the same materials as custom countertops but are only available in standard shapes and sizes.

Custom countertops are made to order. The stone has not been pre-cut into “normal” kitchen counter dimensions, rather is delivered as one large slab. The natural stone is then specifically cut to fit snugly in your kitchen. Custom countertops are the perfect choice for homes with kitchens unique dimensions or shapes. Custom countertops also allow you to decide how the countertop edge should be – we offer 7 different options.

Prefab countertops are pieces of stone that have already been trimmed down to standard US kitchen shapes and sizes. This helps cut down cost tremendously since the stone just needs to be placed into your kitchen. Just like with custom countertops, you can choose between quartz and granite in a wide variety of colors. There are 9 edge details available for prefabricated countertops.

Wondering about the differences between quartz, granite, and marble?

Quartz: The most durable material, since it is harder and less porous than other natural stones. Quartz is also bacteria, heat, spill and stain resistant. Another benefit is that quartz does not have to be sealed on a regular basis like marble.

Granite: Extremely durable, just slightly softer than quartz. Granite is also heat, bacteria, spill and stain resistant as long as it is sealed on a regular basis. The frequency at which you have to seal your granite countertops depends on the brand and type, just ask our team!

Marble: Although it is not quite as strong as quartz, marble is still an extremely durable material! Marble is also scratch and heat resistant, so you will not have to worry about ever having to replace your countertops. As long as you seal the tops of your marble countertops every so often, marble also repels stains and spills!

Whether you are looking to install custom or prefab countertops, visit our website today to request a free estimate!

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