National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month – Taking Care of Fruits & Vegetables In Your Kitchen

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month! It seems there is a month and a day for everything, but this particular month is important to everyone! It serves as a good reminder to eat your fruits and vegetables that your doctor always told you to eat plenty of while you were growing up!


If you’re planning on getting into the healthy habit of having your daily dose of fruits and vegetables or you’re already on the healthy track, we have the perfect tips on how to take care of these foods in your kitchen so they remain fresh and ripe to eat and cook with! 


Fruit & Vegetable Storage & Placement in the Kitchen


There are plenty of fruits and vegetables in the world but it’s important to know how to store your items, so they remain as fresh as they possibly can be! No one wants to waste the food they’ve bought. 


Real Simple offers a great guide in their article “How to Store Fruits and Vegetables.” These are just a few of the fruits they list and how to keep them fresh and ready to eat!


  • Apples


      • Refrigerator: 3 weeks


  • Bananas


      • Countertop: 5 days


  • Pineapple


    • Countertop: 5 days (whole)


It’s also important to remember and keep in mind that certain fruits and/or vegetables shouldn’t be kept near each other if you’d like to keep them fresh! 

A way to store the fruits and vegetables that can be kept out of the refrigerator is in baskets on the counter or even hanging tiered baskets to keep your countertops clear. A great option is this 3-Tiered Deppon Wire Hanging Fruit Basket, which “features 3 tiers allowing for numerous fruits and room temperature groceries to be hung and organized with care.” 


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