Kitchen Storage Secrets

The more counter space the better, right? Adding large, beautiful custom stone countertops is the first step – but keeping your counters clear for cooking is a challenge in and of itself! Figuring out the most efficient way to store all kitchen tools & utensils can be challenging, so check out the tips below for some kitchen storage inspiration.


  1. Use your vertical space.

Whether it’s closed cabinets, open shelving, or even something as simple as hooks for hanging pots, you need to take advantage of your vertical space! Remember, you can always get a step stool to reach storage areas that are really high – so use this space!

  1. Use the inside of your cabinet doors for additional storage.

Add a small spice rack or simply strap your cutting boards to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door! This is an extremely easy way to hide a few extra things in an enclosed storage space, not to mention a very organized way to keep track of spices or other smaller kitchen items.

  1. Opt for an island with open storage.

In trying to maximize your kitchen space and keep your counters clear, choose a kitchen island that includes shelving. For storing cookbooks, stacked large mixing bowls, or even your favorite mug collection, this extra space can be a lifesaver.

Counter space is so important in any kitchen – so store your kitchenware wisely and keep your countertops clear. In the market for some new custom stone countertops? Give us a call today to learn more about your options: (818) 860-7142.


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