How To Protect Your Kitchen Counters From Everyday Messes

If you’re the owner of stone countertops or kitchen islands, you probably understand that the best ways to protect them from spills and messes are sealers and special cleaners. In between doing these things, however, you can keep your countertop clean with a few simple accessories.

One of the best ways to avoid messes on the counter is to keep as much off of it as possible. Food messes will happen as you cook or bake, but you can avoid having piles of papers, old magazines, and empty Tupperware containers. How? Invest in some organizers! There are many kitchen-specific countertop organizers, but any will do. You can repurpose a “desk organizer” to hold your pens, pencils, glasses, car keys…everything that you usually just toss onto the counter! You can even use some of the boxes that we know you have lying around! It all depends on the aesthetic you like and how much you want to spend. By confining the clutter to one space, you’ll notice a lot more free area on the countertop. And, since you only have so much room in an organizer, you’ll be forced to get rid of things that aren’t needed because they won’t fit anywhere!

For a kitchen island or a vast expanse of countertop, you can use a table runner to reduce mess. It may not cover the whole surface, but it certainly offers some protection. You can use any table runner that you like. If you have a vase in the center of your island, the runner will prevent water rings or spills by acting as a barrier. It’s also just very classy and can break up a long section of countertops. Many people use their island to store keys, remotes, books, etc, so the table runner will also prevent stains, chips, and scratches. If you don’t want to use a full table runner, you can use placemats instead for the same effect. 


For areas of your countertop that are often exposed to water, you may want to consider a dish-drying towel or mat. For example, if you have a dish drying rack next to your sink, put a towel or mat under it to catch any drips. In the long run, this can prevent water stains. Prolonged exposure to water can start to break down sealant and your countertop, so it’s best to keep water off of it as much as possible. Some dish racks have a built-in tray to collect water, so if you don’t want to have a towel cover your gorgeous countertop, opt for one of these! 

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