How to Plan Your Home’s Remodel

It’s no surprise that remodeling your home is no small feat. Rather, it’s a commitment for your time, energy and money. However, a little planning and organization will go a long way to maximize your budget and optimize your efficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or embarking on your first home remodel, we have some tips.

  1. Gather inspiration and plan your vision: Before you dive into any DIY project, it’s important to have a vision so you don’t get lost along the way. Use a tool like Pinterest to help keep track of your ideas, your colors, and your dream home remodel. Whether you’re handling the remodeling of your home or you have a team of pros, a clear idea of the end goal will help tremendously.
  2. Set a budget you can stick to: Quite possibly one of the more important parts of remodeling your home is having a budget (and one you can stick to). Don’t forget to account for extra funds that you might need if any unexpected costs arise. Depending on your home remodel, you may even need to set aside a hotel budget, or include the costs of eating out if you’re revamping that kitchen of yours. Planning for this well before you embark on your project will help alleviate stress down the road.

  3. Find your team: Now that you have your budget, it’s time to pick the pros. Plan to set aside time to research local contractors and read plenty of testimonials. Choose your favorites to interview and be sure to get project estimates for the home remodel you are planning. Once you’ve found the best fit for the job, be sure to check their availability with your home remodel timeline.
  4. Plan ahead: Executing a home remodel is a hefty undertaking. Plan for your kitchen or your bathroom to be out of commission while you are plugging away at your project, how will you eat for a week or two, or more? Avoid undue stress by looking at your calendar in advance, planning for the setbacks and accounting for them in the budget.

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