How To Make Your Stone Surface The Focal Point of the Room

If you love granite, marble, and quartz, then you should make the investment and get some installed around your house. Obvious places include the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and in outdoor living spaces. While stone surfaces are pretty good at getting attention on their own, you can make them the definite focal point of the room with a few tips and tricks. Let’s take a look!

Frame The Area 

One of the best ways to make something a focal point is to frame it with other elements in the room. For example, if you want your gorgeous stone fireplace to be the focal point of your living room, frame it with couches, chairs, loveseats, an area rug, and some small decorations. You want the stone fireplace to be the star of the room, so point a lot of other furniture pieces towards it and draw the eye in. Framing the area is a great practice for helping guests focus their gaze exactly where you want it. By using this interior design trick, you can almost force people to look at your fireplace, which makes it a focal point. 

Use Color 

A second trick to implement is using colors. While traditional granite, marble, and quartz are typically neutral colors, you can find them in brighter shades. You can use these brighter colors to draw the eye or frame your classic stone surface with bright colors nearby. Let’s say you want your kitchen island to be the focal point of the room. Even if you have a traditional grey marble countertop, you can paint the cabinets below a rich blue, vibrant yellow, or deep green. If this color is juxtaposed to neutral walls, eyes will automatically be drawn in. You can also use this trick by creating colorful or grand backsplashes behind your kitchen counters. Anything that differentiates your chosen focal point from the rest of your kitchen really helps to make it a stand-out feature in the room. 

Make It The First Thing People See

If you’re doing a total renovation, try your best to make your chosen focal point the very first thing you see in a room. Redoing your kitchen? Move the layout to have the island visible from the doorway. Want to show off your new bathroom vanity? Try to position it next to or opposite the doorway so people can’t miss it. Think about how often you look at a single piece of furniture simply because it’s there. Do that with your focal point! In some cases, this won’t be possible such as a fireplace. The chimney only goes in one place after all. But, you can potentially change the position of the door or the layout of the interior to help give you this “first thing you see” effect. 

Don’t Try to Have More Than One Focal Point

Here’s something to remember; don’t try to create more than one focal point in each room. If you try to have two main areas in one room, guests will be overwhelmed and not know which way to look. This is extremely counterproductive to your goal so be careful to avoid it. Keep in mind that accent walls, fancy decorations, bright lights, expansive views, etc. can all draw the eye, thus drawing it away from your desired focal point. Map out your plans beforehand to make sure you aren’t creating conflicting points of interest. 

We hope these tips have helped you decide how to turn your new stone surfaces into focal points in a room. There are other tips and tricks from interior design experts that can provide even more guidance. Overall, you want to make your stone surfaces really stand out against the rest of the room, and you want to use surrounding elements to pull the eye in. In no time at all, you’ll have the focal point you’ve always wanted. To get a new stone countertop, call Planet Stone! Our team of experts will work with you to create your dream design. Give us a call at (818) 860-7142 to get started today.

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