How to Infuse Coastal Style into Your Home

Coastal decor is perfect for any time of the year in sunny Southern California, but as summer quickly approaches, it’s hard not to be inspired by the accompanying wave of beach vibes. Coastal design is most notably inspired the sea, making it calming, soothing, and sweetly reminiscent of your favorite vacation. Interested in adding some beachy elements to your home? Check out our ideas below.


  1. Shades of blue.

What sea-based decor is complete without a little blue? Blue is known to be an extremely relaxing color, making it ideal for rooms in your home where you’re looking to instill a little calmness, like a bedroom for example. But why not draw the blue theme out into the rest of the house? In addition to paint colors, try including blue in room accessories like rugs, pillows, or curtains. If you’re looking to incorporate blue into your kitchen, try adding it to your backsplash!

  1. Coastal related art.

This one might seem too obvious – of course, your home will feel beachy if you put a painting of the beach on the wall! But we promise that this simple addition will help transform your entire space, transporting you to a soothing sea-scape by simply glancing at the work of art! In addition to paintings, consider small sculptures or table centerpieces that might be related to the ocean as well, like a sailboat, seahorse, or starfish.

  1. White marble countertops.

Bright white natural stone countertops will lighten your entire kitchen area while also providing you with a practical, durable cooking space. The white will blend beautifully with your pops of blue, keeping the decor feeling fresh and not too busy.


Inspired to include some white natural stone countertops in your home to enhance the coastal decor in your home? Give us a call today: (818) 860-7142.

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