How to Create a Retro Kitchen

Retro kitchens are full of personality, color, and often patterns. They have the ability to take you back to a place and time that you once may have lived through or wished you lived through. Often when homeowners look to renovate their kitchen they want the newest most modern style but some look for that vintage retro look that may be hard to pull off. In order to achieve this look, you may have to do a major overhaul. That is why our experts here at Planet Stone have put together this article to ease the process and give you some ideas on how you can create a portal to the past in your kitchen.

Some of these items work well on their own and some need to be paired with other items in your kitchen to be successful. Completing your retro kitchen will not be easy but once you get going it becomes a passion. Finding retro appliances often are the kickstarter to your journey of creating a retro kitchen, whether you find one intact or have to get a restoration is an exciting part. So without further ado here are what we think are some of our most cherished retro items that you would need in your kitchen. 

Patterns – When you search retro kitchens one of the first things you might notice is the patterned, checkerboard floors. It is one of the most essential pieces to start your kitchen off in the right direction. Another way you can include patterns instead of putting it on your floor is by having a backsplash. A nice patterned backsplash can really bring your room to life, it can serve as a nice accent color or completely match the primary and pop even more. The right pattern choices will go far in the end when it comes to successfully pulling off your retro look. 

Pastel Colors – Though pastel and muted colors have been a thing of the past they are starting to become popular again. But their claim to fame was during the vintage/retro era. Pairing pastel colors creates a nice contrast and can easily take your kitchen to the next level. Incorporate these colors in anything from cabinets, walls, seating, or any other piece of your kitchen to give your retro look just that much more personality. Out of all the items on this list, pastel colors are the most relevant when it comes to creative kitchens of today, they have truly stood the test of time.

Cherry Red + Mint Green – If pastel colors aren’t for you then elect for the classic Cherry Red or Mint Green options! These are even more retro and bring a sophisticated shine to your kitchen. These colors are perfect for either accent or primary colors, having this diversity makes it great to create a balance and not overload your kitchen with too much of one color. You can use these colors on either appliances or just on a wall or backsplash. One of our favorite items is on a cherry red dining table. If the pastels are the more chill, laid back colors then these are the extroverts of the group. Either way choosing any of these color sets will start you on the right path to creating a true retro palette. 

Retro Appliances – If you truly are looking to complete your new vintage kitchen then retro appliances are a must-have. Retro appliances are another chance to show some personality in your kitchen by adding color and style! Because of how far technology has come you can get all of the same amenities that you would with modern appliances that you can in retro appliances. Everything from toasters, to refrigerators and dishwashers, have been created using modern technology but with vintage or retro looks.  Websites feature entire sets of stove + refrigerators that come in a variety of colors in a range of vintage styles. 

Padded Seating – When you think back on most retro kitchens or diners you think padded seating, whether it be the classic booth seating or stools! Diner booths come in a variety of sizes and can range from 30” to 60”. Finding the right one to fit into your kitchen shouldn’t be difficult as they range in style, shape, and color. If you have a corner of your kitchen that you are unsure what to do with a booth is a perfect choice. Not only does it add seating, but it is also built to last and a good conversation starter for your kitchen. These items have the potential to take your kitchen to the next level in the world of retro kitchens. 

A retro, short for retrospective is never easy to achieve, often it takes so much time and effort no matter what type of renovation you are trying to do.  Kitchen renovations can be hard in themselves adding in the element of retro makes it that much harder. It is often a lengthy process, that is why we hope that these items help you envision the kitchen you’ve always wanted! 

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