How to Clean Your Countertops

When it comes to kitchens and taking care of your countertops, there are certain ways to clean that are better than others. Take a look at what kind of countertops you have to see the best way to get them looking shiny and new!

Granite: To clean granite countertops you should use warm and soapy water. A bleach solution can be used, but you must dilute the bleach, too. To get stains out of granite make a paste of baking soda and water and gently scrub at the stain.

Laminate: To clean laminate countertops you should use warm and soapy water and you must make sure that what you are cleaning with (sponge, brush, etc) is not abrasive. To get stains out use a mixture of white vinegar and water with a non-abrasive cloth.

Stone: To clean stone countertops use a warm and soapy water mixture. To get stains out use a mixture of white vinegar and water. Do not use bleach as bleach may affect the color of the stone.

Tile: To clean tile countertops we suggest using a white vinegar and water solution as soap and water can leave a gross film on the tile if not rinsed properly. Make sure to clean the grout with a mild bleach and water solution with a soft brush for any bacteria that may be there. Tile shouldn’t stain. 

Marble: To clean marble countertops you should use a soap and water mixture but you must make certain to completely dry your countertops. Do this with a cloth or rag. If you let your counters air dry they may end up with water spots. Marble should be wiped up as stains occur as deep-seated staining may require a professional. 

With these handy tips, you should be able to keep your countertops looking fresh and new for years to come.