Give the gift of countertops!

While scouring the stores for Black Friday Deals today, you might be trying to think of the perfect gift for your significant other. Why not give a gift you can both enjoy? New countertops for the holiday season may seem like a crazy project to take on. However, with the Team at Planet Stone ready to help, you can enjoy your new countertops before your big holiday gathering!

Need a little help convincing yourself this is the perfect gift? Take a look at a few benefits below, and how you can prepare your home for a quick and easy install!

The Perks of Upgraded Countertops

Having a great space isn’t the only perk to upgrading your countertops this holiday season. Did you know that countertops can actually add value to your home? If you are looking to get more out of your home investment later in life, it is important to keep in mind what buyers will be interested in. Marble and granite countertops are a natural stone option that never goes out of style and is a desirable feature to home buyers. This means your upgrade now, can help you sell your home for top dollar later.

Along with added home value, natural stone countertops can help enhance your space. Even if your kitchen or bathroom is a little “outdated”, marble, granite or quartz countertops will essentially create the feel of a whole new room. So, if you have been looking to spruce up your Los Angeles home without a full remodel, natural stone countertops will do the trick!

Preparing Your Home for Countertop Upgrades

Once you have decided on your marble, granite or quartz countertops it is time to prepare your home for the big holiday install! The first thing to keep in mind is your existing countertops. If Planet Stone is not going to take out your current countertops, you will need to remove them prior to our installation. This will help keep our quick turn around timeline on track. Remember to empty all cabinets so that nothing will be damaged during the installation process.

Another thing to keep in mind before installation day is making sure your wall and cabinets are level and structurally sound. Why? We don’t want any delays this holiday season, and if your current cabinets cannot support your brand new countertops, then that means more time spent on installation and less time enjoying your new space.

Ready To Pull Off The Ultimate Holiday Gift?

Planet Stone is ready to help you pull off the perfect gift. New countertops can do wonders for your Los Angeles home, and are an investment that will pay you back in the long run. If you are looking for a few ideas for your countertop designs, take a look at our past blog “Tis The Season For Countertops”!

We look forward to making your holiday dreams come true and enhancing your kitchen to make it the ultimate entertainment space!