Get Ready For Summer With These Design Trends

Summer is on its way! Get your home ready for the summer season with these home design trends. Before any designing takes place, it’s time for spring cleaning round two! Clear out all the clutter in your home and do some thorough dusting! This way you can really determine what kind of home accessories you can reuse or refurbish and what you may still need to pick up at the store.

#1 Bring in the Green

Just like in the spring, bringing in plants and bright flowers brings a refreshing touch to any home! Summer flowers include Marigolds, Lilies, Hydrangeas, Lavender and Daffodils. Not to mention, your home will smell lovely without needing to use any air freshener or candles!

#2 Countertop Refresh

Grilling season is coming! Refreshing or replacing your current countertops with Planet Stone’s prefab countertops can be a huge help with food prep. Having natural stone prefab countertops will help cut your clean up time in half. All you need to do is quickly wipe down your counters and get back to enjoying the summer sun!

We especially recommend prefabricated granite countertops for an easy cleanup that will upgrade your home’s value. Our prefabricated granite countertops start at $29.99/square foot installed and come in a variety of different colors to ensure there is something for every home decor! Visit our Website today and receive a free estimate!

#3 Heavy to Light

Textiles, like rugs or heavy blankets, are perfect and cozy for the colder months, but as we move into June and July, temperatures will rise and those textiles won’t get as much use as normal. Put them away in storage and replace them with lightweight textiles such as thin throws. This not only helps declutter your space for a few months but also brings in a light and airy summer feeling.

#4 Light colors

While repainting your walls is quite a bit of an effort, just to enjoy your kitchen during the extra few months of sunshine, consider trading out different accessories and textiles for lighter colors. White, off-white, and pastels are always summer favorites!

#5 Patio and Garden

If you have a patio, deck or small garden, it’s the perfect time to get it ready! Do a deep cleaning and reorganize to get rid of any clutter or leftover messes from your last spring cleaning. This way, when you’re ready to go out, everything will be perfectly in place for you to enjoy! If you’re really into grilling, get everything cleaned so the grill is ready to be fired up at the drop of a hat.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Leave a comment down below!

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