DIY Holiday Decor

The holidays are fast approaching and the time to decorate is now! It may be hard to find decorations this late in the game, so try your hand at some of these cute DIY decorations!

Christmas: Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

If you’re on the hunt for some cute holiday decor to celebrate Christmas, take a look at these salt dough ornaments! The great thing about these is that they look as great in the kitchen as they do on a tree. You can create a garland out of your creations, hang them on hooks, or push pin them to the wall. You could even make an adorable mobile! All you need for these ornaments is flour, salt, and warm water. Mix them together to form the dough, shape them by hand or with cookie cutters, punch a hole so you can hang them, and bake them in your oven. When they’re done, you can add some festive ribbon hangers, paint them, or glue on some candy (similar to a gingerbread house.) For a more rustic look, leave the “cookies” unpainted so they always look fresh out of the oven! Find the recipe and some super cute ideas here: You can store your new holiday decorations to hang up again next year. They may break if you aren’t careful, but that just means more “baking” fun next Christmas!


Hannukah: Paper Dreidel Garland 

This DIY garland is absolutely adorable. With the easy-to-follow pattern from makes it easier than ever to whip out this DIY holiday decoration. The fun part about these dreidels is that you can make them in any color you’d like! Stick to traditional Hannukah colors of silver, blue, gold, and white, or change it up with some fun reds, pastels, greens, or glitters! If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can paint on Hebrew letters. These DIY decorations are sure to be a family favorite! You can save them for use next year, add to them, or opt to start fresh for an annual holiday crafting party. While these garlands look fantastic draped over the fireplace mantle, these can also be put up in your kitchen or any room you spend time in. Some suggested places include the wall space between your countertops and wall cabinets, the edge of an island, any empty wall space, or along a window. Be sure to avoid hanging your holiday decor anywhere near heat or flame such as over the stove or near candles. 


New Year’s: Decorated Champagne Glasses

We can’t forget about New Year’s Eve! This is one holiday that doesn’t receive enough love in the decorations department. You can make any New Year’s party more festive with this DIY decoration! Take your champagne glasses of choice, purchase some paint in your theme’s colors, and get decorating! There are so many ideas online to create adorable wine glasses and flutes. You could paint some designs in festive colors, paint on the names of guests or the upcoming year’s date, paint the stem of the glass different colors for easy identification, and more! If you have a chosen color palette feel free to use it. If not, golds, silvers, and anything sparkly is often associated with New Year’s Eve, so you can use them for your holiday decor. Find some inspiration here:


We hope you enjoy these DIY decorations. You don’t need to break the bank the next time you shop for some holiday decor. There are so many articles about more ideas, so keep looking online! If you really want your home to stand out during the holidays, consider upgrading your countertops! Nothing makes a great meal look better than a gorgeous granite surface. Planet Stone has a team of experts to help you through the process. Call us today at (818) 860-7142 to learn more. 

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