DIY Halloween Decor

Are you looking to spook up your kitchen? There are so many tutorials for adorable DIY Halloween decor for you to try! If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at five of our favorite ideas.


  • Spooky House Lights: 


All you need for this craft is a few old-timey lanterns, some wax paper, black cardstock, and a tea light (probably battery operated). Glue or tape the wax paper to the windows of the lantern and this blurs the view and gives a more eerie glow. Then, all you need to do is cut out silhouettes of a spooky house and attach those to the lantern as well. Be sure to cut out the windows so that your light can shine through. You can get creative and use multiple to make a haunted mansion rather than a haunted house if you’d like! Use your new decor as centerpieces on the table, decoration on the island, or hang them up for some spooky wall hangings. 



  • Fire-Safe Dripping Candles: 


Candles come with the territory of Halloween. If you have noisy pets or young children, keeping lit candles around the house can be dangerous. This craft eliminates the risk of fire. Get some PVC pipes cut to your desired length and paint them white. You can get pipes at just about any hardware or home improvement store. Use a hot glue gun to create the “dripping wax” on the top of the candle. When the glue is dry, paint that white as well. For a creepier effect, you can paint the drips red like blood. Block off all but the very top of the pipe by gluing a sponge inside, leaving just enough room for a battery-operated tea light to fit in the tube. Ta-Da! A fire-free candle. See the full tutorial here:



  • Ghost Garland: 


If there isn’t at least one ghost, is it Halloween? We don’t think so, so we’ve included this ‘Boo’tiful garland in our list of DIYs. How can you make a cute garland of your own? All you need are some plastic practice golf balls (they look like tiny Wiffle balls), cheesecloth, string, hot glue, construction paper, and scissors. Thread the line through the hole in the golf ball, separate the weave in the cheesecloth to put the string through, and hot glue the cheesecloth down. You can then create faces with construction paper and glue them on. You can also draw the faces with permanent markers, but be careful because the ink may bleed on the cheesecloth. Find the instructions here:



  • Halloween Countdown:


This Halloween countdown is perfect for the crafter who cannot wait for the holiday to come around. You’ll need Halloween paper straws, a picture frame, some mini clothespins, and tags with numbers on them. You can pick up paper straws in Halloween colors and patterns at stores like Target, Walmart, Michael’s, etc. Cut the straws to fit snugly in the frame and glue them down if necessary. Attach the clothespins with glue and pin-up the correct number of days until Halloween! 



  • Halloween Mason Jars: 


You can never go wrong with mason jar decor. Paint some spooky silhouettes onto the jars or use Halloween colors to paint on patterns. If you’re not confident in your art skills, paint the whole jar one color and glue on some Halloween items like plastic spiders, googly eyes, festive ribbons, tiny skeletons, etc. Use your new jars as centerpieces or utensil holders and get ready for compliments from your guests. 


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