Did You Know: Granite Edition

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge on granite, you’ve come to the right blog. Maybe you have granite countertops and want to know more about the stone, or maybe you’re training for a trivia night. No matter what brought you here, we hope you’re ready to learn some facts about granite that you probably didn’t know. Let’s get into it!

Granite is one of the oldest rocks in the world

Granite is one of the oldest rocks in the world and it is the oldest igneous rock. It’s believed that some granite can be up to four billion years old. It’s an igneous rock which means it forms deep below the Earth’s surface from the slow cooling of molten magma. Because of its age, it’s been used widely in construction for many centuries. Granite is composed of many different types of minerals which determine the color and grain of the finished stone. Many of the minerals are extremely abundant, so granite is readily available all over the world. 

Granite is one of the hardest stone surfaces in the world

The hardness of rocks is measured on the Mohs Scale. Granite typically receives a rating of around 7 out of 10. This makes it one of the hardest stone surfaces that is not a gemstone. Granite is typically composed largely of Feldspar and Quartz which are rated 6 and 7 respectively. The combined strength of these minerals combined with the slow-forming nature of granite ensures extremely strong bonds and exceptional hardness. This is just one of the many reasons why granite countertops are so widely used. They can withstand the high traffic that kitchen counters must endure every day. Granite countertops are extremely durable and heat-resistant. When you install a granite countertop in your home, it’s safe to assume it will last forever. 

Granite is responsible for one of the first commercial railroads in the US

Did you know that granite led to the creation of one of the first commercial railroads in the US? The Granite Railway was built to carry granite from Quincy, Massachusetts to the Neponset River in Milton. From the dock in the river, barges carried the stone to Charlestown to be used in the construction of the Bunker Hill Monument. The famous incline of the Granite Railway is now preserved as a historic place. Not only was this one of the first commercial railroads in the US, but it also led to some other railroad innovations including railway switches, the turntable, and double-track railroad cars. 

Granite supports the Statue of Liberty

Here’s a fun fact; the base of the Statue of Liberty is made of Granite! To be more specific, it’s made from concrete but covered with granite slabs. You can imagine how challenging it was to transport slabs that enormous. The granite was shipped from Connecticut all the way to New York. Railways and boats had quite a job to carry the amount of granite necessary to complete the project. The granite used for the pedestal has a pink hue which is unusual. It’s highly debated who’s responsible for the stone, but the two towns in the middle are Guilford, CT, and Brandford, CT. 

Granite makes the sport of curling possible

Have you ever watched a curling match? It can be hard to find unless it’s the winter Olympics. It’s the sport that resembles a shuffleboard on ice. One person slides a huge curling stone down the ice while the teammates “sweep” the ice to help it travel further. It’s an uncommon sport but it’s great. Without granite, it might now be possible. All of the curling stones are made of granite because of its hardness. Granite is not affected by impact as much as other stones would be. This means that the ice does not scrape it or cause pits that will change its speed and trajectory. In a precision game like curling, that is key. 

How many of these fun facts about granite did you know? We hope you have learned a new bit of trivia to impress your friends with. Granite is truly an incredible, natural substance. It can be used for so many things both large and small. If you want to get some granite in your home to see first hand what all the fuss is about, call Planet Stone! Our experts will help you find the granite that best suits your kitchen. We install your countertops quickly and efficiently with minimal mess. Transform your kitchen with Planet Stone today. Call (818) 860 – 7142 to get started.

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