Decor That Adds a Touch of Class

When it comes to decorating or renovating, it can be hard to know what to use to add some class to the room. We have compiled some of our top tips to do so. With these few modifications, you’ll be able to add the touch of class you’ve always wanted.

Find Some Gold Decorations

Is there anything quite as classy as gold decorations? You don’t need to use real gold, obviously, just something that looks gold. Some easy ways to do this are with picture frames, clocks, cabinet hardware, lights, or small knick-knacks. Gold decorations are a popular trend at the moment so it won’t be hard to find items to bring your kitchen to the next level. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

Another easy way to up your kitchen game is with updated lighting. There are so many options for types of lighting, but we recommend pendant lights. Why? Because pendant lights come in many colors, sizes, and styles to match your existing decor. Pendant lights look fabulous over a kitchen island or a dining room table. You can also place pendant lights over a countertop/bar stool set up. Really, anywhere you eat or spend time is a good location for a pendant light. You can incorporate tip one with this one by finding a pendant light with a gold wire, pole, bulb cover, or accent designs. If you have the room, you can use multiple smaller pendant lights mounted at different heights to create some interesting pictures in your kitchen. The options are endless and you can easily purchase pendant lights from a store or online. 

Add Some Mirrors

Adding mirrors is a great way to bring some class to any room, especially a kitchen. Because this isn’t a typical decoration choice for kitchens, your house will make a statement to anyone that enters. Mirrors are great in kitchens for several reasons. Firstly, kitchens tend to have great natural lighting. Any sunlight that streams through the windows can reflect off the mirrors and add even more brightness to the room. In addition, mirrors make rooms feel larger by reflecting on the opposite side of the area. It’s a good practice to hang a mirror to reflect a window, or an open space to maximize the effect of the illusion.  

Upgrade Your Countertops

Our final suggestion for adding a touch of class is to upgrade your countertops. Can you think of anything classier than granite countertops? We can’t! Then again, we may have a bit of a bias. All bias aside, granite countertops have been one of the most popular kitchen trends for years. Stone countertops make your kitchen seem more high-end and luxurious. By installing some in your home, you’ll add more than a touch of class. 

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