A Luxurious Bathroom on a Budget

When it comes to bathrooms, functionality is key – but wouldn’t it also be nice if your bathroom felt like a mini spa in your own home? We believe this is totally achievable, even on a budget. Check out some ideas below for transforming your bathroom into your new happy place.


  1. Choose your shower curtains carefully.

Shower curtains aren’t often given much thought, however, they can be a significant piece of decor in your bathroom! Choose a simple but elegant pattern, one that aligns with your existing decor including your bathroom furniture, tiling, wall color, etc. Take a look at some of these beautiful, modern shower curtains at West Elm for some inspiration: bsyl.ink/ShowerCurtains.

  1. Upgrade your mirror.

Mirror’s make any space look larger and brighter, and since bathrooms tend to be smaller and darker, a sizeable mirror is key to lightening the feel of the entire room. If you’re going for a more modern look, choose a mirror that’s minimalistic. If your style is a bit more decorative, choose a mirror in an eye-catching frame to make a statement. Check out these bathroom mirrors at Wayfair: bsyl.ink/BathroomMirrors.

  1. Update your sink & cabinet hardware.

An updated faucet and/or unique cabinet knobs can make your vanity space feel brand new. Bright metals can add to the general lightening of your space and act as an eye-catching yet still minimal design element amongst your existing decor. When it comes to cabinet knobs, have some fun with these! Go for a pop of color if you’re feeling bold, or an interesting shape as an alternative to the classic round knob. Shop Home Depot’s cabinet hardware here: bsyl.ink/CabinetHardware.

The absolute best way to make your bathroom feel more luxurious is by adding custom natural stone. Whether you’re in the market for a marble jacuzzi or a granite countertop, we want to learn more about your project! Give us a call today: (818) 860-7142.

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