Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

When you start planning your outdoor kitchen design, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.


Deciding where to place your outdoor kitchen depends on several factors. You want to make sure your outdoor kitchen isn’t too far away from your indoor kitchen. Entertaining guest will require carrying food and other necessities back and forth from your indoor kitchen to outside. Place your outdoor kitchen relatively close to the entrance of your indoor kitchen. Place your grill in an area that will minimize grill smoke from entering your home. If you have a general sense of the wind pattern in your yard, adjust your grill appropriately.


Choose flooring materials based on safety. Avoid materials that may become slick due to rain or grease and avoid rugged surfaces if you have children. Choose a stone that can stand up to all types of weather, heavy traffic and easy to clean. Proper flooring will add durability and complete your overall look.

Pick the Right Appliances

Your appliances will determine the size of your outdoor kitchen, so determine the types and sizes of appliances you’d like built-in. Choose appliances that will get the most use and don’t skimp on the quality. Consider functionality and convenience before installing. The grill is often the focal point, so place your sink, refrigerator, and storage in close proximity of the grill for accessibility.

Choose the Right Countertops

Just like your indoor kitchen, you’ll need plenty of work space. The difference is, you must choose a countertop that can withstand temperature changes and rain. Will you use the countertop primarily for food prep or do you need additional space for eating? A good rule of thumb for eating space is 15″ deep and approximately 24″ wide per person. We have a variety of stones perfect for outdoor kitchens. Give us a call at 818.890.0810 or request a free estimate.   

Style and Comfort

Once the bones of your kitchen are complete, this is the time to add style and comfort. Add decorative objects like plants, candles, LED lights, tiki torches, tables, and chairs. Choose materials that are moisture resistant and won’t fade in the harsh sun. Pick sturdy furniture and objects that won’t blow away in the wind. Your outdoor kitchen should be a place to cook, eat and relax.

Party Time!

Your outdoor kitchen is complete! Celebrate your new outdoor kitchen by providing friends and family a backyard gourmet meal. Just remember to send us an invite.

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