How To Keep Your Marble Countertops Flawless

Unlike quartz and granite countertops, marble countertops are very high maintenance. Marble is a porous metamorphic rock made of crystallized limestone. Some homeowners prefer natural stone over man-made stone because of the authenticity, but with this preference also comes a lot of responsibility to maintain long lasting flawless countertops. You also have to keep in mind that we do not offer warranty on marble because it is a natural stone.

#1 Clean Up Spills Immediately

Marble should be protected from spills and stains as much as possible. The least amount of spills and stains will result in less maintenance overall. Warm water and dish soap sprayed onto the counter works perfectly and, for stains, mixing baking soda and water into a paste and leaving overnight lifts stains out.

#2 Seal Your Countertops

Your marble countertops should be sealed with a natural stone sealer every two years for protection. Unpolished or honed marble has open pores, and it is important to seal it if you want to limit stains over time. This can be done professionally at the beginning and then as a DIY as time progresses.

We hope this two-step guide will help you keep your marble countertops flawless.